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Impact of information technology in Canada tourism industry


The ICT in tourism has significantly benefited the Canadian tourism market especially in enabling safe travel in a modified vehicle. ICT is vitally acknowledged to have revolutionized the tourism sector in Canada.

Impact of information technology in Canada tourism industry

ICT has enabled the occurrence of online travel agencies

ict-torontoCanada’s tourism industry has incorporated the usage of information technology to act as a conduit between distinct traveling agencies. This entails the flow of data among the tourism agencies and thus significantly assists in the reduction of costs and leaves room for preparation of more efficient strategies that would be implemented in the near future.

Canada has been able to strategize on marketing paradigm by use of ICT

ICT in tourism sector has resulted besides of leverage in Canadian tourism sector such as:

Enhancing the hospitality department with high-end IT solutions, therefore, reducing the middle costs and assists in curbing down the final cost. This allows for products and visiting sites to be available at a lower price, and booking is easily conducted

Improves the marketing sector in Canadian tourism sector because the information technology allows for online marketing, online promotion, and the companies can expand their business extensively since they can reach out to a larger market.

Information technology has significantly enabled online hospitality in Canada Tourism market

In that, customers can enjoy free services from the online hospitality providers. By use of information technology, the Canada tourism industry has managed to synchronize with other providers such as conveyance and accommodation. Hence, due to the establishment of these modifications it automatically results in improvement of services rendered. Secondly, synchronization of departments facilitates dissemination of data between various tourism companies or departments in Canada.

ICT has facilitated the application of foresightedness in Canada tourism industry

In essential Canadian tourism sector is acknowledged to consist of a unique element that heftily attracts customers. At this moment, ICT has enabled the tourism sector to unravel new strategic and innovative investments that attract potential international tourists.

Information technology has resulted to rendering of online destination services

ict-torontoCanadian tourism sector practically uses the e-destination application to ensure that travelers are acquiring essential information that is needed and insights for particular attracting destinations. In addition, the application enables the customers to be able to access deeper information of companies’ investments thus enabling the management to keep up with current trends of customers, providing the needs of stakeholders and business. This has eventually enabled expansion of business.

The figure indicates of how the ICT has impacted on the Canadian tourism industry by enhancing the quality of jobs in the tourism sector. Further, the distinction of figures indicates of how the hospitality section has significantly improved as a result of using information technology.

The ICT has impacts on the gross domestic production of the Canada tourism industry

The table below exhibits of how the ICT has tremendously contributed to the growth of domestic production in Canadian tourism sector. It indicates of how the tourism industrial markets have grown over the years by showing different departments such as hospitality sector, traveling sectors, and services rendered.